Training Philosophy for Our Customized and Interactive Workshops

Our 20+ years of training experience is based on the philosophical foundation of a participant-centered training approach. The purpose of this approach is to assist participants in developing their own answers, applying tools and techniques, and tapping their own resources (as well as those of their colleagues) to reach useful solutions that work in the training session as well as on the job. This approach requires the use of small groups and interactive training activities. Our participants are given experiences that create the awareness that makes it possible for them to apply the content back at work.

training workshops

We believe that short training courses only “create awareness” and do not, in themselves, shape immediate behavioral change. Behavioral change comes from a combination of training experiences, one-on-one coaching interactions and reinforcement, support and modeling from top leadership.

interactive classIn our participant-centered approach, we strive to provide a supportive environment for participant exploration, struggle and discovery. We want the insights gained to be theirs, as well as the self-confidence that comes from those discoveries. The participant-centered approach results in:

  • Enthusiastic participants!
  • Dramatically increased awareness of techniques and concepts.
  • Participant buy-in, content ownership

Since 1985, we have worked with over 37,500 participants in a participant-centered workshop approach. Of course, it is up to the organization to keep the training experiences alive. It is up to your organization to hold the participants accountable for applying their newly learned or refined skills. This can be done with follow-up and individual coaching sessions to reinforce the skills learned in the workshops.

We are committed to your complete satisfaction.

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